Chad Merrill

Partner, Business Development

Chad Merrill has a long history as a successful entrepreneur, having been involved in the creation and leadership of multiple businesses. Most recently Chad founded Impact 2:52, LLC which owns and operates 7 athletic facilities in the Atlanta area operating as D-BAT Baseball & Softball and TOCA Soccer. The mission of Impact 2:52 is to Inspire, Influence & Impact.

Prior to Impact 2:52, Chad was a Founding partner in Onepath Systems. Founded in 2006 it has grown to a $200 million dollar technology company with over 1,500 employees. Prior to Onepath Systems, his companies included a technology and cabling company operating in seven states and a travel and technology company that was sold to Synovus in 2001. His special strengths lie in leadership, strategy, strategic partnerships and out-of-the-box thinking that leverages partner skill sets to create Win-Win-Win relationships.

In late 2017, Chad became the President of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. FCCI is a 40 year old ministry whose vision is transforming the world through Christ one business leader at a time.

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