A people-first holding company

We invest in exceptional family & founder-owned businesses.

Dear founder,


I created Garden City to be a forever home for your company. We invest permanent capital into excellent companies and have no intention of ever selling.


Our name comes from the biblical story of the Garden of Eden where everyone is created in God’s image to thrive, prosper & flourish. We created Garden City to further grow already amazing companies and ensure that all workers can actualize their God-given potential to truly love their jobs. A place where all workers have respect, dignity and purpose.


This is why we exist.


We are driven by core values.

Serve Others
Pursue Excellence
Seek Simplicity
Stay Positive
Prioritize Family

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Our investment philosophy is simple.

Make Founders Proud

We buy great companies and work with founders who entrust us to follow through on their vision.

Investing for the long-term

We think in decades and generations, not years and months. We’re focused on building value that’s going to be here long after we’re gone.

Transparent & honest communication

We believe trust is built through constant open communication, especially when things get tough. Being authentic and honest 100% of the time.

Culture matters most

We’re committed to protecting cultures, creating thriving environments where everyone has purpose and belonging.


Meet our team.

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